The art of Storytelling!


Once upon a time, before the whole new generation of tech-savvy humans existed, there was an art form that literally blew people’s mind – inside out! 

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Some tales just have to be told…

Can we turn the clock back? Can we bring back the magic? Yes, with Alvin The Storyteller on board. Striding worlds and switching between characters all in the span of seconds keeping audiences riveted!

Alvin The Storyteller is a creative trainer and storyteller who has conducted a host of shows and programs for people of all ages ranging from small kids to adults. His ability to create a sense of awe and wonderment is refreshing. It’s like resetting the mind and releasing it from the narrow confines of limited thought and expanding its possibilities.

What i can do for you!

When you tell a story from the heart, it has the power to engage, enlighten and empower! When Alvin The Storyteller starts his storytelling sessions, the audience becomes part of the story. Whether it’s traversing fantasy worlds or acquiring new skills, Alvin’s storytelling sessions have opened up minds in a way that one could have never imagined.

From kindergartens to corporates, he has enthralled them with his storytelling sessions that are a combination of songs, body movements and voice modulation. Not just entertainment, it’s about life lessons and creativity too.

Story spectacle

Whether it’s traversing fantasy worlds or acquiring new skills, Alvin takes his pupils to places they could never imagine through engaging storytelling!

Corporate Adventure

A stress-buster that takes weary corporate employees through a fantasy realm that holds a lot of suspense and thrills. Plenty of laughs and fun guaranteed!

captivate captain

These workshops focus on creative writing and imaginative  storytelling for teachers & help them create fun sessions where students learn faster & better.

About Me

alvin the storyteller
In this whole new generation of tech-savvy kids who have lost their powers of imagination thanks to television, cinema and the scores of videos that flood digital channels. We have Alvin The Storyteller puts up several acts in which the audience becomes part of the story.

Alvin holds a Masters in Electronic Media from Anna University and started his storytelling career since May 2013. From then on, there has been no looking back. He has delivered stellar performances at schools, private institutions, playschools to corporates. His spin on creativity and command of the craft has won him many accolades. As he moves ahead, his mission has been to infuse creativity and skills into people’s lives and transforming them.