When Arjun was 3 years old, his mother framed a small length of red wool. She hung it in her bedroom. He never understood why mother did that. He had been asking her for many years. She always replied with a smile as if to say that the answer was her deepest secret and she will not disclose it.

When Arjun was 40 years old, mother passed away. As he and his wife were clearing her belongings, they stumbled upon an old plastic cover with a sweater made from the same red wool that mother had framed. Inside the cover, two envelopes were lying still. Arjun picked out one. It was an old letter of his mother to his father who was then working in the army far away from home. She has written it on November 28, 1962 just after the Indo-China war came to an end. At the end of the letter she wrote “Try the sweater that I made from the ball of wool which you bought me when you were here last.”

He took out the other envelope. It was from the Indian Army, dated 22nd November 1962. It stated that his father was killed during the war.

He showed the letter to his wife. She read and said “So, this is what must have happened: Before mother received the news of uncle’s demise, she must have knitted the sweater. Unfortunately, this ill-fated news knocked the door before the sweater could fly out which in turn made that piece of wool the prized possession for her.”

“Yes!” replied Arjun with tears in his eyes and wiped off the dust that had gathered on the red wool.


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