Once, a stone-faced boy studied in 3rd standard. He showed no emotion. No one knew why he behaved in that fashion. Surprisingly, he was diametrically opposite at home.

One Friday, a teacher who had seen him happy at home telephoned him and asked “Why are you stone-faced in school?”

“No one likes me!” replied the boy

“How do you say that?”

“I don’t know but I am sure they don’t like me.”

Listening to the answer, the teacher realised that the problem was with the boy and not with others.

Suddenly, she asked “Shall we play a game?”


“What do you like the most about your mother?”

“Her smile!”

“Good! Sunday is Mother’s Day, on Monday you will smile like her for the whole day, if you do this, I’ll give you a gift!”


The following Monday, he was smiling throughout the day. Watching him smile, a few of his classmates told him “How wonderful you look, don’t leave this smile.”

The boy realized that no one has hated him and it was he who has kept himself away from the rest.

Slowly, he broke his self-constructed wall and became good friends with everyone around.

The teacher kept her word, she gifted him a smiley pillow and told him to generously give his smile to the world.

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