Ravi and Rahul were best friends from school. Their favourite past time was playing cricket. During their college days, Ravi met with an accident. He was riding on his two-wheeler, when accidentally the brake wires got cut. Loosing his balance, he dashed himself against tree. Though the doctors saved his life, they couldn’t save his right hand as they couldn’t curtail the infection there.

Ravi was no longer the same person. He became closed. He didn’t wish to have any association with the outside world. This new life where he needed the help of others to fulfil every basic need depressed him the most.

One day, Rahul met Ravi at his home and said “Get up, let’s play cricket!”

Ravi was irritated and replied “Don’t joke, go away!”

“I am serious!” he said sternly and showed him videos of cricketers with one hand.

Ravi was stunned and said “I can’t believe this! Is it possible?”

“Yes, that’s what you see!” replied Rahul

“You know what pains me: It is this feeling of being a burden to everyone around” said Ravi with tears in his eyes.

Rahul replied “You can change that, if you find ways to work with one hand. Many have done it. All it takes is a little desire and some research on how people live this way.”

Ravi wiped his tears and said “I am gonna change myself!”

“Let’s begin it with cricket!” replied Ravi

Both the friends walked out to play cricket. Ravi took his first step to a new innings.

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