One day, a little boy at his house in a city placed a rose plant pot next to a sunflower. The rose motioned at the sunflower and said “Hi”

“Hi” replied the sunflower looking at the Sun and with his face away from the rose.

The rose thought to himself “This is a proud flower. He doesn’t carry the simple courtesy of talking eye to eye”

After a while, the sunflower said “Rose! Pardon me! I am not able to talk looking at you. My nature is such that I have my eyes always at the sun and I can never change it!”

Rose replied “It’s such a pity that you see only the Sun but can never see the beauty around. You should request the Sun to give you at least a day’s leave to look at me and other wonders of the world.”

Sunflower thought and said “It’s a good thought! I shall ask the Sun” He asked the Sun “Dear Sun, can I have a day’s leave?”

Sun replied “I listened to your conversation. I shall grant you a day’s leave”

Immediately the stem stooped down and sunflower looked at the rose. He said “Rose! You are truly beautiful”

Slowly the sunflower looked around. He told the rose “Rose! You are beautiful but beyond you I see only smoke, dirt and garbage, there is no beauty beyond you in this city. What a gory sight this is!”

Immediately, he pleaded the Sun “Dear Sun! Take away my leave. You alone are the purest and your abode, the sky and the clouds, pleases me more than this city and this rose with thorns. Watching you is my utmost happiness”

Sun accepted the request and gave him back his original state.