Once an old gardener had a big garden. He had several kinds of flowers in them. It was a beautiful sight but more so for the crows who flew above them every day. This was such an important place for them that it was written in their constitution that no one shall drop their shit on the garden or else huge fines (It ranged between 10,000 – 1,00,000 worms per shit depending on the size of the drop and the place where it fell. If it fell on a dry surface, the fine was lower. If it landed on any flower, then the fines reached the peak.) would be imposed on them.

One day, a baby crow told his mother “Mama! I hate the gardener!”

Mother replied “Why?”

“Just now, that old man chased me with a stick. I was just there to look at my favourite daisies but he took me for a bad bird trying to destroy the petals and came running with a thick stick,” and he began to cry.

Mother pacified him and said “Don’t cry! Please”

He replied with great anger “Mama! For one day allow me to break our rules. I shall destroy his garden by dropping all that is in me on his flowers.”

Listening to this, mother smiled “An act of anger only brings ill-luck to you and the family.”

“But, then, shouldn’t we teach him a lesson!”

“That’s the duty of God!” replied mother.

“What are we supposed to do then?” questioned the little crow.

“Many things we are supposed to do but right now you need to forgive the old man and thank him for the flowers.”

The baby crow replied with a smile “Ok Mom! As you say!” And they flew happily.

 “When a little pep talk of a mother can bring  remarkable changes in a child, how much more it will be when she takes her children to her lap and tells a very good story.” – Alvin – Storyteller