A puppy was limping around in the streets. Ravi, a 12 year old boy, picked him up. On the way to his home, he caressed the puppy and said “You are wonderful”. He showed it to his mom who being an animal lover herself grabbed the puppy with both her arms and said “Welcome to the family.” Every day, the boy played with him and spent most of his evenings with him. The limping dog now had a true family.

After a few years, the puppy was a dog and Ravi was in college. Even though he turned an adult, the dog ensured that he played with him. Moreover, Ravi never neglected his dog for it was this creature that gave him his best moments of life.

Years later, the dog died of age.

Ravi joined a company and was earning well. A young girl who working with him asked “How do you manage to have a smile always?”

He replied “At times, I feel pressurized. But, whenever I am stressed, I recall my happy times with my dog and that puts a smile on my face and enables me to take the next step.”

She listened and said “I wish I had such memories too!” and walked to her cabin to resume her work.

Our past is the fuel for the future. Let’s create happy moments during this time of lockdown. Sitting together, sharing stories, singing songs and playing games goes a long way in creating such lovely memories.  How about spending at least 30 minutes a day as a family telling stories and singing songs?