Once in a school, principal called a student in sixth grade and said “Sharada, I heard your teacher say you don’t do your homework at all.”

Fearful that the principal would break her knuckles she accepted “Yes Sir, it’s true!”

To her surprise, he replied politely  “Well! It’s not good you don’t do your homework. You must do them regularly. That will develop you!”

“Yes Sir, I’ll do hereafter”

“Also, I heard that you have a great storytelling talent. Master it and you will reach great heights.”

The kindness with which the principal gave the remark pricked her conscience. She decided to develop her talent and her academics.

Many years later, in her living room, two portraits of her adorned her living room. The first photo showed her climbing down a NASA space shuttle in a space suit. The other one displayed her as a storyteller in an international storytelling event surrounded by joyful children.

Whenever she looked at the two photos, she always thanked her principal for that moment of kindness.

Could you use this lock down to find the talents of your near and dear ones?