One day Rahul was waiting eagerly for his father to come early from work. It was his fifth birthday and he expected him to arrive earlier than usual.

Rahul’s father was a surgeon and at times emergencies made him stay longer at the hospital.  It happened that day that he had to do an emergency operation on a man who had an accident. He returned home late. Before which Rahul’s mother made him cut the cake and sent him to sleep.

The next day, father apologised but Rahul was too angry to listen. Suddenly father said “Rahul, get ready, I’ll take you to my hospital. You haven’t come there. It’s new and bigger than my old one.” Rahul rejoiced and quickly put on his birthday dress and was out with dad.

Dad took Rahul inside and showed him all the rooms. Rahul, for the first time, saw such large of number patients needing care and love and how the doctors were running helter-skelter to meet them.  Finally, Dad made him sit in a chair in his cabin and asked “Do you like it here?”

“Yes!” replied Rahul and continued, “I remember my teacher teaching us that when we see anyone in trouble, we should help them and God will reward us.”

“Okay!” said father unable to deduce why his son was uttering these lines.

Rahul replied “Dad, you are my hero. You help so many people every day. I am sorry for being angry at you. One day, I too will become a doctor like you!” and he hugged him.

This story is my tribute to all the doctors, nurses, policemen and millions of other souls who are risking their lives to help the common man like me.  When we read newspapers, whatsapp updates and blogs, let us find stories of such true heroes and share it with our children.  Let’s use this time to instil heroic virtues in them.