Rancho was working as a soft skills trainer in a reputed establishment. With every training he delivered, his fame grew far and wide.  As days went by, Rancho felt “I know my clients love my training, yet there is something which is amiss, I am no longer happy.”

He decided to search for answers.

One evening, at dinner, his mother served him dosas. He tasted them and asked “Mom! How come the dosas taste different and delicious?”

Mother smiled and replied “Ya! It was boring to make the same dosas everyday so I added some sooji to make  them crispier, better and different.”

At that moment, he discovered the solution.

He heard a voice in his head say “Your trainings have now entered into your comfort zone. You know what to talk and how to deliver. You no longer need any extensive preparation and it is this mundane routine that has caught hold of you. Make slight changes to your routine, do a few experiments, find new ways of delivering your sessions and then you will find freshness in your work.”

Rancho was elated. He immediately gave himself a mission to accomplish and he set his heart at it. In a few days, with this new purpose, he found joy at work. Feeling accomplished, he started to spread this secret to everyone around.

I hope that you too will share this secret.

Corona Virus has pushed us to a zone of darkness. This has led everyone to face problems that no one has encountered before. I believe that our human race will fare better if we become sensitive to the problems and hurdles of those who are next to us and help them  overcome it. Let us not stigmatize anyone rather let us hold hands to combat this phase for as the story shows a simple act of creativity which one considers as irrelevant has the potential to change the life of others.  

An act of creativity that can be practiced during this period of lockdown is to take time away from all works, news, updates  and even zoom calls with relatives and just have fun with one another in the family by playing games and telling stories. This can be an outlet to clear all the tensions that rises during such moments.