Ramesh was a middle-class man working as a freelance carpenter. Though his income was meagre he provided all the essentials that were required for the family. Suddenly, the prices of all the essentials shot up. His income could no longer hold his family.

One evening he called his wife and two daughters who were studying in college for a discussion.

He said “Currently, the prices have increased. Everything costs more than what we can afford. Moreover, I am not able to commit to more work than what I can do now. I really don’t know what to do.”

The elder daughter replied “Father, the projects that you have now takes all your time. If you add more you will breakdown. Let’s think what to do”

The younger one who had been itching to talk for a while began saying “I have an idea! Amma, you used to tell that when you were just married, you didn’t earn even this, yet you lived happily. Can’ t we live like that now?”

Ramesh’s eyes bloomed and he responded “Yes, we can! I remember what your mother would do. She would carefully budget my salary according to our needs and spent it accordingly. She was strict about that. I must say creating that boundary and sticking to it did help us raise you well.”

Mother thoughtfully added “Then, what we must do now is to tweak our budget. We need to remove those that are superfluous and allocate the money only for our real needs until our condition improves.”

She turned to her husband and continued “You must also increase your working charges, if not even our budgeting will not work.” Ramesh nodded in agreement.

The elder daughter listening to this replied “This is a very good solution! Let’s start making our budget then!”