Once upon a time, a rat was desperate for cheese. After researching for months, he spotted a refrigerator in Mrs. Susan’s house that had the most delicious cheese. He told himself “Well, that’s mine!”

One night when Mrs. Susan and her family were out on vacation, the rat crawled happily to his desire. Standing before the refrigerator, he gave a loud hurrah. He made a hole under it and entered in.

To his utter dismay, he found it empty as Mrs. Susan had emptied the refrigerator before leaving for her vacation. Enraged, he bit on all sides of the fridge and said “This will serve her a lesson”

Suddenly, his tummy grumbled and he began to breathe hard. Soon, he died for all the chemicals and plastics from the sides that he ate had turned poison and killed him.

This is why it is always said “Never let the sun go down on your anger!”

Anger is a deadly poison. It can damage both the soul and the body. In times of uncertainty especially in periods like what we are facing now, anger can find its way easily into us. Storytelling programs are a great way to relieve the stress. Children love storytelling programs for it makes them laugh and helps them to break away from their daily academic pressures. Corporates and Businesses can also use this power of storytelling to create a happy working atmosphere. For assistance and guidance on these write to alvinstoryteller@gmail.com To know our upcoming storytelling and training programs click here