Did you know?

Alice in Wonderland was born as an oral story. History states that Lewis Carroll, first, told the story on the go to three of his friend’s children. The children loved the story so much that they insisted the authour to write it down. The three children to whom Lewis Carrol narrated the story.History also reveals that the great classics of the Greek, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey were actually oral performances. They were never meant for the press. Today, it is hard to believe that such great works of literature began as oral performances.Homer in performance

Brighten Goes to School, a story by Alvin The Storyteller which is myself aims to bring back this tradition of taking children and the world on a long adventure through oral storytelling.

What is Brighten Goes To School?

Brighten Goes to School is a series of storytelling performances. These performances deviates from the usual storytelling shows for children that I havebeen doing till now. Until now, whenever I conduct a session I tell a story interactively, make it enjoyable and I move to the next story with a completely different set of characters. (You can watch all my story videos at: https://bit.ly/2SJuDvL)

Through Brighten Goes to School, I wish to create a new experience, in other words,  bring back the traditions of Homer and Lewis Carroll which is to take children on a long journey with the same characters thus establishing an everlasting friendship between the characters and the listeners.

Alvin the Storyteller in action at Chennai Storytelling Festival

What can we expect in Brighten Goes to School?

This story about a little boy named Brighten who joins a school called Story School. Here he will go on a journey with a lot of other characters, fairies and much more. This promises to be a fantasy adventure which will make children see what they have never seen before.

Delight to the Imaginations

Brighten goes to school is going to be a treat for the imagination. Right now, consider yourself as one of the three children who were listening to Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland. What an experience would it have been for you! Brighten story series is going to be just that.  Along with this, every session of Brighten Goes to School will have activities that will further develop the imaginative powers of the children.

(This is what parents had to say at the end of my online storytelling workshop in April: https://bit.ly/2A6HHVG)

When and Where

The first session of Brighten Goes to school will happen on May 8th. The sessions run on all days including Sundays at 4.30pm (Indian Standard Time)/7pm (Singapore Standard Time). Each session will be for a duration of 30 minutes.  These sessions are online and will happen via Zoom. This is the zoom link for the first session: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87142638505

But, if you wish to get your zoom links for  the other sessions, send a message via Whatsapp to 9551762399 saying I would like to register for Brighten Goes To School.

Brighten Goes to School sessions are totally free but if you wish to you could sponsor a coffee as and when you feel. Considering the global issue of sudden internet breakdowns, I will send a pdf of the days episode to your registered number on Whatsapp at the end of every session. This will ensure that no one loses Brighten Goes To School.

Join us on May 8th and let us go on a magical adventure!