Great artists develop their skills by learning from what has been done before. Thus, if you wish to become a master storyteller, you must observe and analyze how the masters before have told stories. But, it is not enough that you watch videos of storytellers or attend their events. We need to get into the heart of the storyteller.

We need to analyze how the storyteller would have attained the final version of his performance. This implies that we got to know the starting point.  The starting point for most storytellers is the text of the story. It is from here that they begin to build. You will be on your journey to become a  better storyteller when you start making your own bridge between the text and the final performance of other storytellers. This will give you a lot of insights on how you can build your story. Slowly you too can become an efficient storyteller. 

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How to become an efficient storyteller?

Step  1: Find the text and video of your favorite storyteller of the same story.

Step 2: Read the text

Step 3: Watch the Video

Step 4: Watch the video again with a goal to find out how the storyteller has transformed and performed the story

Step 5: Write down your observations.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 as long as you are satisfied with your observations.

Step 7: Incorporate your observations in your next storytelling performance.

To begin with, I have given three stories. Two stories and videos of my favorite storytellers: 1. Jeeva Raghunath and 2. Craig Jenkins and one story of mine.

Grandma’s Beat – Written and Performed by Jeeva Ragunath

Grandma’s Beat is Jeeva’s story which she wrote for Tulika Publication.  
Due to copyright reasons, I cannot give you the text of that story. Contact Tulika to get the book.  As Jeeva, herself says in the video that she was inspired by Noisy Tales a Jewish folktale. You can read the text of the folktale here:

Watch Story below. The story starts at 6:06

The Bundle of Sticks – Aesop Fable. Performed by Craig Jenkins

Read Story here:

Watch Story below.

Story based on the rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”. Performed by Alvin

Watch it here:

Hope you found this article useful. Do implement the steps given and write your feedback to

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Featured Image Credits: “Story swapping in Tamil Nadu” by Tim Ereneta is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0