“Every human is wired to stories.”

If you have been following storytelling for a while, I am sure you must have come across this quote. This doesn’t mean that listeners accept every story that is thrown at them. The stories that are well received are those that respect the audience and enhance their thought process. But you can say, Storytelling is just for entertainment. This implies that the story being presented cannot be boring or make the audience to whack their head and ask “Why is he going on and on and on.”

The aim of the 5 Minute Storyteller workshop is to equip you to attain the goal of storytelling which is to entertain audiences and elevate their thought process. This is a 10 day program beginning on June 1. It ends on June 12. This is an online training session. This is scheduled to happen via Zoom

About Alvin the Storyteller

Alvin will be the chief trainer of the workshop. He is well known among children. His online storytelling sessions are a great hit among the children. His uniqueness lies in not stereotyping himself to a particular style of storytelling rather he allows the story to determine the presentation. This makes his story presentations creative and fascinating.

The 7 Benefits of the 5 Minute Storyteller

1 Perform confidently  and with more energy

You are like fire. The brighter the fire glows, the brighter the surrounding is. In the same way, your confidence and energy levels determine the outcome of your session. 

2 Gain expertise in scripting.

A man who climbs a stage without preparation is equivalent to an army entering a war without sufficient ammunition. Thus, it is necessary for a storyteller to pack his story with adequate ammunition so he can strike all the hearts with his story.

3 Gain participation strategies.

Storytelling unlike lecture or a YouTube recording is interactive even if you do it online. Thus knowing how to handle the audience with participation strategies will make your performance memorable.

4 Be comfortable in your own online sessions.

Storytelling before a live audience is vastly different from storytelling in an online session. With this workshop you will become comfortable in both.

5 Present yourself powerfully in less than in 5 minutes.

Time Management is essential for storytellers. Learn to package your story in less than 5 minutes. A recent study on successful YouTube videos says that your video should be under 5 minutes.

6 Voice Modulation

Voice Modulation is not mimicry. It is an act that we do naturally. Learn to use your natural strengths to modulate effectively.

7 Present your story creatively.

Creativity is born out of experience. You will use your experiences to craft a story uniquely.

These are the reasons why you need to consider the 5 minute storyteller workshops. In our world filled with cinemas, OTT, and other distractions, storytelling is the only art that promotes humanity and will make children more human. When they see you perform before them they learn human respect and confidence because you will be radiating these qualities to them. Thus, if you wish to make other childhoods awesome, let’s tell stories together.