Come June 15, Hansel and Gretel will make their maiden appearance in the series 4 of Brighten Goes to school. Alvin the Storyteller had an interview with this lovely brother and sister who are darlings of fairyland. In this interview we ask them on life, adventure and on their expectations of Brighten Goes to School.

Alvin: Welcome, Hansel and Gretel It’s an honor to have you here.

Hansel & Gretel: Thank you!

Alvin: Well Hansel, I always had this question for you. After defeating the witch in her home in the forest, you both have turned witch hunters. How is life dealing with witches?

Hansel: Witches have always been a threat. They are powerful. They have all the tricks to make prey out of us. Thus life is hard. But whenever a witch is defeated, it gives us immense satisfaction.


Alvin: If not for you both, people especially children wouldn’t be safe from the witches. Gretel, you were a little girl when you pushed the witch into the oven. How did you get that idea? Could you explain?

Gretel: Everything that day happened very quickly. I really can’t put into words how it happened. One thing that I am very sure is I was panicked but I didn’t lose my love for my brother which made me desperate to win him. It is desperation that gave the power to kill the witch.


Alvin: Hansel and Gretel, how do you think the online storytelling series of your adventures have come out?

Hansel: I think it has come out really well. You have captured well about our adventures with Brighten at Moterre. It was dangerous. What excites me, even more, is that you will be telling this to children. I am sure this is going to make them courageous, creative, and caring. The 10 days of our story will be a magical ride for them.


Gretel: I must add this to Hansel. What I love more about this session is that you have also added an academic angle to it. It is important because values and academics should go hand in hand. I am happy that you have taken our story and has fashioned it in a highly educative and interactive fashion.

Alvin: Thank you, Hansel and Gretel. Dear readers, the academic angle which Gretel pointed out is this.

In this series, your children will play a lot of Word Puzzles and Games which are aimed at improving their English.

Also, there is an exclusive workshop on Vocabulary Development. Most importantly your children will participate in the Word Wizard competition which will challenge their language skills.

Hansel and Gretel, what do you think about Brighten and his friends?

Hansel: They were a lovely bunch of children. When they first came to meet us, we chided Katinka their teacher for bringing them there. But, my memory on how they fought the dragons and the witch still remains fresh. They were the bravest children I ever met.


Alvin: I have reports that off late witches capture children easily and the percentage of kidnapping has increased manifold.

Gretel: Children these days don’t have the stomach to fight the witches. Lifestyle changes have also contributed big time to this problem. If children develop a healthy mind and keep themselves fit, they can really win the witches.


Alvin: Thank you Hansel and Gretel for your time with us. I hope that I will meet you soon.

Hansel: Alvin, once again thank you for taking our adventure with Brighten. I wish more Brightens fill the earth.

Alvin: Cheers!

#HanselandGretel is the fourth series in Alvin the Storyteller’s online storytelling program Brighten Goes to School. The specialfeatures of this series are:

  1. Interactive Language Games
  2. One day Vocabulary Workshop (June 24 – 5pm to 6pm)
  3. Word Wizard Competition
  4. This online competition tests children’s ability in their spellings and application of words. The storytelling sessions will prepare the children to compete better.
  5. Grab a free desktop wallpaper of Hansel and Gretel with your family photo.

Hansel and Gretel will start from June 15 and end on June 26. Monday to Friday. Two Batches available: 4.30p.m. to 5p.m. 6p.m. to 6.30p.m.

Age: 5 – 12

Children who are going to attend the workshop are going to come out with a lot of new words and skills to develop their vocabulary. This is definitely going to improve their academic performance.

Also, they will become confident in dealing with difficult situations in life.

Don’t miss the chance to give your child the advantage of having an improved vocabulary.

Registration Fee: Just ₹700 per kid

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I know Alvin for many years. He’s got an unbelievably magical brain, very talented. His persona perfectly fits in with kids, storytelling, art, learning and development. He is someone that you can rely for your kids. Every week I see him coming with lots of surprises which is amazing for kids specially who are stuck indoors during this lockdown. I highly recommend Alvin to be your kids Storyteller ?

Charles M T

United Kingdom