Story spectacle

Whether it’s traversing fantasy worlds or acquiring new skills, Alvin takes his pupils to places they could never imagine through engaging storytelling!

Rhymes ‘n’ Rhythms

L’il ones will enjoy being drawn into a magical world with a collection of participative stories, fingerplays and enjoy rhymes to the music of the guitar and tin whistle.

Jungle Jingles

What happens when animals go to school? The delightful happenings will evoke awe and giggles from children. These are original stories by Alvin.

Animal Heroes

Animals can be heroes too! This is an inspiring compilation of stories that shows selfless acts of
heroism by animals. Fun sessions with plenty of values instilled in young minds too.

Fun With English

Exciting tales and activities that help students expand their vocabulary and improve their English
skills. Learning better English is made so much fun.

Be an Adventurer

Who would not like to set off on a good adventure? Young ones are drawn into fantasy worlds filled with nail-biting adventure and thrills. It acts as a catalyst to their imagination.

For your school-going children

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